Imitation for Admiration
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Regina Spektor is so talented when it comes to combining words and music, and Bartender is, in my opinion, one of her best songs.  It’s playful, imaginative, and so fun to play.  Whenever I pick up my guitar I invariably start strumming these chords; it always makes me smile.

This song is a piano piece, but I think it translates quite well to guitar.

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This song is so intensely beautiful, and I know I haven’t done it justice.  It’s called “Pervigilo” and it’s by First Aid Kit.  A simple, sweet love song from these two amazing girls!!  If you haven’t checked out their stuff yet, I highly recommend everything they’ve ever recorded.

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This song has been recorded by several artists, but I believe Peter Gabriel was the first!  “Book of Love” is a sweet and simple love song.

Okay apparently it was the Magnetic Fields first.  I don’t know things.

Here’s “Hands Down.”  I think the emotion and sentiment in this song are fantastic - leave it to Dashboard Confessional to get my heart aching.

First Aid Kit is a sister duo from Sweden.  I discovered them in a Youtube video, doing their own cover of a Fleet Foxes song (  That led me to their other stuff, and I was quickly enamored!  Here’s the first song I ever learned by them: You’re Not Coming Home Tonight.

Lua, by Bright Eyes.  I think this song is fantastic.

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"Summer in the City" has a fairly self-explanatory title.  It was so much fun to cover; this is an especially playful piece of Regina Spektor’s work.